Rita's Poly Clay Plays

2007 >> Dyed Beads

Lead by Ernie Hendrix, GAPCG members had a great time. We took Gwen Gibson's creative use of shaving cream as featured in PolymerCAFE Summer 2005 and just play. We tinted shaving foam with alcohol based inks and apply to beads before curing to make interesting colored patterns.

I my first batch was Premo White based beads. Here are my second batch which was on Premo Beige. We were sharing the tinted shaving foam and I lost track of the brand and color of ink used. After the beads were cured, still warm, I washed it with water to wash away paint blob and liked the look when it was wet. When the beads dried it looks dull and unapealing. I am glad that I could get the 'wet' [glossy] look back by applying 2 coats of varnish.
I made 4 pairs of earrings with cool findings that I brought from Singapore.

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