Rita's Poly Clay Plays

2007 >> Chrysanthemum

What is a donut pendant? A friend described to me as the letter 'O'. Oh well, sometimes O could turned to C. What is a Chrysanthemum cane? My simplest would be a stack of 3 in the following order: 1 sheet 4" x 2" of tinted translucent clay, 1 sheet 4"x2" of 3-4 colors skinner blend of opaque colors, last one would be 1 sheet 4" x 2" of translucent clay. Make a jellyroll and use old credit cards to make several indention on outermost layer towards the center of the cane. For this pendant I reduced the cane as up to about 1 inch in diameter and I placed thin 3-4 thin slices on a 4 inches tappered "snake".

2 necklaces with O and C pendant, two toned Czech beads, seed beads, gold plated flower beads & beadcaps, wires and tab clasp.

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