Rita's Poly Clay Plays

2006 >> Bead Strands

6 stands of 12 were challenging to get it sanded, buffed and varnished [Future]. This time I tried simple decoration of Premo's cadmium red and gold on red pearl [no 1 from top]. I like the result of chopped Premo's blue pearl, purple, alizarin crimson, translucent and some gold voil [no 2 and 3]. Another chopped clay experiment shown on strand no 4 were a combination of Premo's blue pearl, alizarin crimson, translucent and Fimo Soft's metallic white. Then next one, no 5, is faux goldstone, Premo translucent and Pearlex Sparkling Copper. The last stand is another chopped clay and this time there's silver acrylic paint in the mix. Colors are Premo's black, blue pearl, cobalt blue, light blue [mixed of white and a pinch of cobalt blue].

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