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Polymer Clay was introduced to me in February 2005 when I visited USA. I was grateful to meet some of the Greater Altanta Polymer Clay Guild members who were very helpful.

Donna Kato's Art of Polymer Clay: Designs and Techniques for Making Jewelry, Pottery and Decorative Artwork was sitting on my bookshelf since 1998. I bought it just to admire the items shown in it.

What is Polymer Clay?
Polymer clay is a manmade material that remains pliable for long periods, but bakes or "cures" to hardness at fairly low temperatures. It can be sculpted, carved, stamped, textured, sanded, buffed, painted, and used to create sculpture, accessories, figurines, dolls, or jewelry, or to embellish other surfaces.
Source: www.suncountrygems.com/glossary.html

I learn something new all the time; from friends on clay days, countless tutorials on the internet, books and magazines even on yahoo groups. I love to swap so I could see works of others and leanr from them.

I would look for classes whenever I am in the US. I have taken lessons from Barbara McGuire, Donna Kato, Jo Aldridge. I attended GAPCG meetings and visited Atlanta Bead Society.

  What's NEW?  

I will be adding pictures of my work. BOOKMARK this page to check additional pictures :-)

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