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RSN Open House 2010. Enjoy 40 photos.

The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) opens its gates to the public on Saturday [20100522] and Sunday [20100523], a two-day open house at the Changi Naval Base.
Changi Naval Base is the latest naval facility of the RSN and was built to replace Brani Naval Base. Located on 1.28 km² [0.50 mi²] of reclaimed land at the eastern tip of Singapore.

Landing Ship Tank [Amphibious Transport Dock]
3 of 4 RSN's Landing Ship Tanks were on the open house, they are RSS Endurance [207], RSS Resolution [208], RSS Endeavour [210].

Photos of 3 out of 6 RSN's Frigates are in this album. RSS Intrepid [69], RSS Steadfast [70] and RSS Tenacious [71]

Missile Corvette
There were 3 Missile Corvettes on display at the open house. Included in the album are photos of RSS Vigilance [90]

Patrol Vessel
There were 3 Patrol Vessels on display at the open house. Included in the album are photos of RSS Dauntless [99], RSS Independence [87] and RSS Sovereignty [84].

Mine Countermeasures Vessel
This album includes photos of 2 Mine Countermeasures Vessels, they are RSS Bedok [M105] and RSS Katong [M107].

RSN has 5 subs. They are RSS Challenger, RSS Conqueror, RSS Centurion, RSS Chieftain, and the newly arrived [2009] RSS Archer. The 6th would be RSS Swordsman.
2 are included in this album.

Missile Gunboat
There were 4 Missile Gunboats mooring 2 by 2 on the North Warf. Photos of 2 and they are RSS Sea Wolf [P76] and RSS Sea Dragon [P78].

The public open house include rides on the Navy's fast landing crafts and amphibious vehicles.


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