Singapore, is where my home now.

Singapore is a small, diamond-shaped island country. Singapore lies just off the southern tip of the Malaysian Peninsula. It is 42 km long and 23 km wide. The population is consisted of 78% Chinese, 15% Malay, 6.5% Indian and 0.5% others, thus, a melting pot of different ethnic groups who possess their own pride in cultures, traditions and beliefs. The diversity of religions existed in Singapore. More than half , 59% of the Singapore's population are the followers of Buddhism and Taoism, 18% Islam , 10% Christianity , 4% Hinduism, 9% other religions. Many major religious celebrations held annually in Singapore with numerous people attending them.

Singapore is a very clean and healthy country compared to other Asian countries. First of all, you can eat anything you like and need no worry as food here is clean and safe, while the tap water is safe to drink as well.

Singapore is a food haven. You can find variety of food here in relevant of each ethnic living here. Chinese, Indian, Malay, British, American, Japanese or Thai food can be found here. There are many grand restaurants scattered all around Singapore. Food courts are where most Singaporean eat. Nice food at a reasonable price, no matter where you go, you can easily find places to eat.

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