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Cherroots mild cigar Burmese people smoke. While certainly not healthy, they are much lower in tar and other harmful ingredents that tobacco.
The filling is made of shredded tobacco leaf, and about an equal amount of chopped tobacco stalks so that the taste is mild. According to the secret formulas of the different makers, additives of such diverse ingredients as tamarind pulp or sweet jaggery make the cheroots differ in taste. The ratio of the mild and strong leaves is also a secret of each maker. The best cheroots maker even vary their formula according to the season: a milder smoke for the hot summers, and a stronger one for cold wet days. This is really paying attention to customer needs.
The outer skin is made not of paper but of the Tha-nut hpet leaves of the Sebesten tree [Cordia dichotom] pressed smooth. In the old days, they are laid in overlapping circles inside a large wok. A heavy bag filled with sand pressed it down, while the wok was heated. Now the cheroots industries use faster methods to dry and flatten the leaves. Somehow they retain the beautiful green luster that adds to the charm of the cheroots.

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